Getting Started

Getting Started With Waypoint Benefit Solutions

Your company and your employees deserve better. Let’s get started.

Schedule your 29 minute Discovery Demo with Waypoint Benefit Solutions

During your 29-minute discovery demo, we will accomplish the following goals:

  • Learn about you
  • Your organization
  • Your employees
  • Your benefit goals
  • How does your organization benefit by hiring and retaining top talent?
  • Demo our model
  • Accessing better data
  • Identifying and removing thieves & leaks (conflicts of interest)
  • Creating transparency
  • Delivering Better Benefits – Making your organization more competitive


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Our Waypoint Benefits Proposal

Our team will provide you with a comprehensive proposal that includes:

  • Raw data from your current program and highlight the costs that you most likely don’t know you are paying
  • Cost savings solutions 
  • Proposed benefits package
  • Partnering vendor list
  • References

This kind of innovative approach to benefits is why Waypoint thrives while other brokers stagnate. We take the time to do the work, complete the research, and make the connections with the right kind of vendors that will deliver the care our members want. And we’re your one source for all questions about claims, coverage, and more. Our helpful customer service team will deliver excellent support for any issues that may arise.

While our methods are innovative, they’re also proven to work. We take a data-based approach to defining what works best for our members. We’re also not afraid to be flexible and creative when sourcing solutions for your benefits model. Thinking outside of the box can provide you with superior care and savings.

Ready to experience Waypoint’s innovative solutions for your company?

Our clients agree with us.

They benefit from our transparent, data-driven benefits solutions.


Competent and always courteous! Always ready to assist with a problem or to get the answer to a question!

Chief Michael W.

Always super friendly and quick to respond, we can count on Waypoint to efficiently assist with all of our benefit needs. Highly recommend Stephanie, Megan, and the entire Waypoint Benefit Solutions team!