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Your old plan is broken. Waypoint Benefit Solutions can fix that.

The skyrocketing costs of benefits drain your company and employees of resources, satisfaction and productivity. Under the longtime traditional broker and carrier model, employee benefit costs are increasing faster than the cost of care, broker interests align with carriers above clients and brokers are consistently paid the same amount regardless of their program performance.

transparent benefits management

Even worse, traditional carriers exploit your company by making money off high medical provider costs and depriving you of money-saving solutions so they can continue profiting. Hidden overrides, bonuses and incentives line the pockets of traditional brokers while sapping companies of the ability to compete in the workforce.

At Waypoint Benefit Solutions, our passion is breaking the traditional broker, carrier and medical provider model by putting our clients and their employees first. We make our clients more competitive in their industry and increase employee satisfaction and company morale.

Our innovative model drives improved employee satisfaction, makes our clients more competitive in their markets, and reduces costs.

Waypoint Benefit Solutions believes in creating transparency in benefits plans. Our ethical approach utilizes a data-driven, highly individualized model to make our clients more competitive and save them money. Unlike a traditional broker, we provide you with invaluable, comprehensive data regarding your coverage and its costs and base all decisions on established data mining strategies. The input of you and your employees — every single one — helps us identify opportunities.

We’re also committed to removing all conflicts of interest and excessive costs associated with the traditional broker and carrier model. This ensures your employees will get more valuable, meaningful benefits for less money. With a Waypoint Benefit Solutions plan, your company’s benefits become more attractive and valuable to both current and prospective employees.


Founded to address problems worth solving

After working for a traditional broker for over 10 years we realized the traditional broker/carrier approach to employee benefits was broken. Existing conflicts of interest and lack of transparency in the traditional employee benefits model was allowing for extreme waste. Clients and their employees were unaware that a large portion of their costs were funding excessive medical provider, insurance carrier, broker, and vendor revenues.

In 2017, Waypoint Benefit Solutions was founded. Waypoint Benefit Solutions has organized a team of professionals dedicated to sourcing, developing, and providing an employee benefits model that addresses these issues and results in significant value to clients and their employees.

Our clients agree with us.

They benefit from our transparent, data-driven benefits solutions.


Competent and always courteous! Always ready to assist with a problem or to get the answer to a question!

Chief Michael W.

Always super friendly and quick to respond, we can count on Waypoint to efficiently assist with all of our benefit needs. Highly recommend Stephanie, Megan, and the entire Waypoint Benefit Solutions team!